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Pelé’s encouraging message on his social networks about his health

Pelé’s encouraging message on his social networks about his health

On Friday, all kinds of information was received about the health of Pele, the Brazilian star who underwent surgery to remove a tumor in the colon. At first the world knew that his situation was not the best, however, hours later his daughter, Kelly Nascimento in his social networks that everything was fine.

And indeed that seems to be the case, because even the former footballer himself also shared an image, one of those legendary ones, on his Instagram account, and there he stated that it was a day when everything went well for him that it was a day in the one that everything has gone well for him regarding his state of health.

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“My friends, I am still recovering very well. Today I received visits from relatives and I continue to smile every day. Thank you for all the love I receive from you ”, was the caption with which he accompanied the photograph in which he is seen wearing a yellow Canarinha jacket.

The soccer planet has been very attentive to the evolution of Pelé, the former player who shone with his team in the 70s and who was precisely that year’s World Cup champion in Mexico. Several soccer personalities have spoken out about it, mainly in their native country.

In fact, in the recent triple playoff date at Conmebol, Neymar, the current benchmark in the Brazilian team, took advantage of his intervention in the media to send a message of encouragement to the man who marked a milestone in the sporting history of that country. (Bolavip)

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