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Pepe Costa, Messi’s squire at Barcelona, ​​fired

Pepe Costa, Messi’s squire at Barcelona, ​​fired

Pepe Costa, the head of the player service office and Messi’s squire at Barcelona, ​​will not renew with the Barça club after the Argentine player’s goodbye.

Costa’s contract ended on June 30, the same as Messi’s, and then it was no longer renewed because the club was waiting for what would happen to the future of Rosario.

According to ‘As’, Costa will accompany Messi to his new destination, which is assumed to be Paris Saint-Germain, and Barcelona already has his replacement tied up as head of the player service office.

The chosen one would be the extaekwondista Joel González Bonilla (Figueres, 1989), retired as an athlete this summer and who was Olympic champion in London 2012, bronze in Rio 2016 and world champion in 2009 and 2011. He studied Business Administration and Management and has a degree in Criminology. EFE (HN)

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