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Peruvian boxer Linda Lecca seeks a new world title in her career

Peruvian boxer Linda Lecca seeks a new world title in her career

With the illusion of fighting for the first time in Europe, Peruvian boxer Linda Lecca will enter the ring in Germany to fight for the second world title of her career and regain the honor that she feels unfairly snatched by being stripped four months ago of the champion belt super fly.

«I think the fight is going to be a very good one. We are very well prepared, “said Lecca in an interview with Efe before traveling to Germany to face this Saturday in Karlsruhe the Jordanian nationalized German Raja Amasheh, champion of the super flyweight title of the World Organization of the Boxing (OMB).

He has studied his rival well, because he said that on the Internet he has seen all the fights he has found, a series of twenty-four in which he has a streak of twenty-three consecutive victories.

“He is going to defend the belt for the third or fourth time, but until then ‘just’ because I’m going to bring him to Peru,” said a confident Lecca.

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“This defeat that I had last time has made me want to go out with everything,” said the boxer about the controversial fight she had in May against the Mexican Maribel Ramírez, in which she lost the super flyweight belt of the World Association of Boxing (AMB), the same one that it had kept since 2014.

The five points of difference by which she lost that fight are for the Peruvian a fix to harm her, since she was not surpassed by her rival at any time, and she recognized that the fair thing would have been a draw, which allowed her to retain the title .

«I feel that I am still a champion. That’s why this fight in Germany is going to be a champion-to-champion match, and that motivates me a lot, “said Lecca.

On the possibility of surpassing the number of titles to Kina Malpartida, the other great figure of the boxing retired female from Peru, Lecca acknowledged that she “was a great champion” but that her great goal is to surpass herself.

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«I am a boxer who likes to work technically, but I also like to be aggressive. I am not always the same. I try to plan my strategies differently, depending on my opponent. In itself I have a lot of heart and I am very warrior, “he explained.

This is how she has fought since when she was 6 years old, she began to give her first blows, encouraged by a whole family of boxing tradition, in which there were amateur boxers such as her grandfather, her cousins ​​and her father, with whom she sat in front of the television to see matches of Mike Tyson and Mohamed Ali, his two great references.

Now in her 30s, Lecca acknowledged that she feels “more solid as a boxer, more experienced, confident, confident and technical”, capable of combining more punches.

“The boxing it has changed my life. It has made me a one hundred percent safe, responsible, disciplined woman. I’m not just a boxer. I also study, work and am a housewife “, she pointed out.

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When she’s not in the gym, Lecca studies business administration, teaches boxing, provides personal training and has even participated in politics by running as a candidate for mayor of Lima for the Peru Nación party for municipal elections to be held in October.

«My goal is to promote sport in childhood and youth so that in the future there will be dedicated, studious, responsible boys, with respect for the country. I want to promote culture, sports and health, “he added.

After spending a good part of her life in Argentina, where she was proclaimed South American champion in 2011, Lecca knows that in Peru there is a need to promote more sport, especially the boxing.

«Seedbeds are missing. Young people must be motivated. Why can’t Peru be a power if there are smaller countries and they have so many champions? “, He concluded. EFE / Photo by

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