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Pete Alonso accuses MLB of accommodating balls at his convenience

Pete Alonso accuses MLB of accommodating balls at his convenience

New York Mets slugger Pete Alonso has accused the MLB of modifying the balls in their favor to control the game system to the level that suits the fans best.

Pete Alonso has nothing to do with being in his fourth season in MLB to express what he feels without fear, this time he did not have a message for the pitchers on the subject of the use of prohibited substances, but for those who run the game. play.

“” My main concern is that MLB modifies the balls according to its interests. In 2019, a lot of top pitchers were going to be free agents and that’s why that year the ball was modified so that there were many home runs. Now they changed it again, since many star hitters will soon be free agents and they need to lower the number of home runs, “Pete Alonso told SNY.

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“The problem we have in baseball is that the balls can modify them, which is not the case in basketball, tennis or soccer,” concluded the winner of the home run derby in 2018.

From 2015 to date, Commissioner Rob Manfred has attempted to manipulate the game however he sees fit, or rather, however he thinks fans prefer, eliminating the following things:

No aggressive sweeps in second to avoid double play, in order to eliminate injuries in said action.
No sweeps at home plate to avoid collisions with receivers.
No more than 30 seconds for the pitcher to make a pitch.
Emerging runner at second for both teams once the game reaches the 10th inning.
The baseball ball has been tampered with several times in order to manipulate the development of the games. (GG) (Fielding)

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