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Peter Lim and Cristiano Ronaldo launch the ‘Zuju GP’ platform

Peter Lim and Cristiano Ronaldo launch the ‘Zuju GP’ platform

The Singaporean magnate and owner of Valencia Peter Lim and the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will launch next Thursday, October 14, the ‘Zuju GP’ platform, related to the world of football.

For now, the launch has been staged with a joint pose and a handshake, while the Portuguese forward has posted a message about the future platform on social networks, in which he invites his millions of followers to know the ‘site’ by Zuju GP.

“You will never see football in the same way again,” says the platform’s website, without revealing more information and with the only suggestion that Internet users register on it by providing their email.

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The interests between Peter Lim and Cristiano are not current, since in 2015 the owner of Valencia, with Ronaldo still at Real Madrid, took over the ownership and management of 50% of the image rights of the Portuguese forward through from Hong Kong-based Mint Media. EFE (HN)

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