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Philipp Lahm: “A lot of football would affect the fans”

Philipp Lahm: “A lot of football would affect the fans”

In a column for the British daily ‘The Guardian’, former Bayern Munich and Mannschft captain Philipp Lahm disagreed with FIFA’s plan to hold the World Cup every two years.

The former soccer player and president of the Organizing Committee for Euro 2024 in Germany, explained his opposition to the idea of ​​FIFA, which Gianni Infantino said in December will make the final decision in this regard.

Lahm considers that in football it takes up a large part of the brain’s time available to fans and putting a schedule like the one intended is a great harm.

«There has never been so much football. Every day someone somewhere is playing someone else and you can follow them anywhere in the world on any device – live, on demand or just in highlights, on YouTube, DAZN or Twitter. There is more to come. Soon, the Champions League will host a hundred more games a year, “he wrote.

“Our collective approach, as the research calls it, fades in the process, but how difficult it is to stop the trend. What FIFA President Gianni Infantino and his adviser Arsene Wenger now have in mind could ultimately lead to overconsumption. (…) The European Championship, as well as other continental competitions, probably followed this rhythm at some point, so in the future there would be a great football tournament every year, ”he continued.

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In addition, the former right-back affirmed his position against the change of format that Infantino intends to implement with the support of the former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, as well as many European federations and clubs, fans and players have made in recent months.

“Shortening the World Cup cycle would make football seem like it’s just about money. And big sporting events need patience and time. This is critical for sustainability. Too much football would affect the fans. The great tournaments are anchored in his memory (…). The Greeks were allowed to call themselves European Champions for four years, from 2004 to 2008, the Portuguese for five years, the Spanish for eight years. From 2014 to 2018, Germany was number one in the world. Speeding up the cycle would make many experiences and memories interchangeable. An annual tournament would be like an additional social media channel on your phone or other streaming app, ”he said.

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Similarly, Lahm brought out a few words from Frenchman Thierry Henry, in relation to the pressure that footballers experience when they must represent their country in an international competition, the former striker said “If you play that every two years, mentally, it’s difficult . I used from them mentally broken ». Before these words, the former German international reaffirmed them and revealed that before retiring from both the national team and his club, the decision was made with a long time of alteration.

Philipp Lahm also denounced certain abuses committed by the FIFA president and his adviser, and between the lines he implied that they only think about money, but not about the spirit that the World Cup generates.

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«Its two competitive formats, Infantino and Wenger seem to neglect it, differ in its essence. The methods of club soccer are similar to those of business. It is increasingly scalable, digital and abstract. The Champions League is part of the entertainment industry. This makes the contrast offered by the national team even more important. It must always remain part of the common good. A World Cup is more than a big problem. Here football connects with people. (…) The European Championship should be a catalyst for grassroots sport. We must not waste this opportunity, because even Germany only has one tournament like this every twenty or thirty years, “he concluded. (The Guardian)

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