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Phillies sign catcher J: T. Realmuto

Phillies sign catcher J: T.  Realmuto

Philadelphia Phillies and JT Realmuto have reached an agreement and re-signed the experienced catcher for the 2021 MLB Season. Just a few hours before this news was known, this Tuesday, January 26, it was announced that the Pennsylvania organization would have offered him a contract with a multimillion dollar figure to keep it with them.

Journalist and MLB specialist Jon Heyman reported that JT Realmuto has signed a new contract with the Philadelphia Phillies for five years and $ 115.5 million, according to sources who have confirmed the news.

Heyman adds that JT Realmuto will receive $ 23 million per year, a figure determined by dividing the total amount of the contract by the agreed time; and that this breaks the record for contract money received by a catcher in MLB.

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The record that Realmuto has broken belonged to Joe Mauer, who is also the highest paid player at this position of all time with $ 184 million in greenbacks.

JT Realmuto opted for the Philadelphia Phillies after weeks in the winter market as a free agent, in which he received offers from organizations like the New York Mets and Washington Nationals who wanted to take his services for MLB 2021. (GG) (Al Bat)

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