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Pirelli tested tire number 18 with Lotus

Pirelli tested tire number 18 with Lotus

Pirelli tested the 18-inch prototype tires with the Lotus Formula One team, a proposal formulated by the Italian manufacturer that must be agreed by the World Cup teams.
F1Pirelli’s new 18 ″ prototype tires were tested at Silverstone, England, mounted on a Lotus F1 driven by Charles Pic.
Pic took to the track at the controls of the current Lotus E22 equipped with the new ones and completed 14 laps of the Silverstone circuit.
Considering this is a concept tire, developed primarily to show aesthetics rather than performance, and with an all-purpose compound, lap times weren’t the most important thing.
In fact, the goal was to assess the reaction to the new design, which received the go-ahead from most observers, Pirelli says.
Pirelli Motorsport chief Paul Hembery commented: “The new tires looked spectacular on the Lotus, and the reaction has already spread around the world. These are just a prototype, but if the teams decide to continue in this line, we have the capacity to develop them and have a production version ready in a relatively short time.
“We have heard many opinions and we hope to be able to probe others in the coming weeks and months,” he added, and although performance was not a priority, “he said,” the new tires performed exactly in line with our expectations, so we we are at the beginning of a potentially huge development curve, considering that the rim and tire size has remained unchanged for many years.
These new tires were the focus of attention during testing, “but of course we have completed a lot of work for next year thanks to the two days of tire testing that we have completed with Ferrari, Marussia, Lotus and Red Bull.”

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Having learned a lot from previous tests in Bahrain and Barcelona, ​​”we were ready to do more specific work for 2015 on a fast and demanding circuit.”
The new tires were designed and manufactured following Pirelli’s Premium strategy. The technical advantage of an 18 ″ tire, explains the manufacturer, is a stiff sidewall that helps maintain the structural rigidity of the tire and makes it easier to maintain a constant pressure – with less air inside the tire.
This new cover is physically larger, which makes it similar to the high-performance ones and, therefore, allows a greater technology transfer between the two.
The new prototype tires have the same width as the current 13 ″ (245mm at the front and 325mm at the rear), but a larger diameter of an additional 30mm.
The weight is roughly the same as the 13 ″ tire because although the diameter is larger and the sidewall is smaller. The total weight, including the tire, is around 4 kilos more, concludes Pirelli.

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