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Puerto Rico suffered first defeat in World Series of Boxing

The Puerto Rico Hurricanes suffered their first defeat of the 5th World Series of Boxing when this weekend they fell, 0-5, to the Thunder of Italy, on a card held in Palermo, Sicily. The Puerto Ricans now look 2-1, while the Italians added their first victory of the series, improving, 1-2.

Puerto Rico (2-1) is joined in Group B: United States (3-0), Kazakhstan (3-0), Poland (1-2), Italy (1-2), Venezuela (1-2) , Azerbaijan (1-2) and Argentina (0-3). In Group A are: Cuba (3-0), Ukraine (3-0), Mexico (2-1), England (1-2), Morocco (1-2), Russia (1-1), Algeria ( 0-2) and China (0-3). The Tamers of Cuba are the defending team. The WSB is celebrating the regular series of its fifth edition, which will last until April 25 in different countries. In this league, the 10 amateur weight divisions will be fought.

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The information was released by the press officer of the event, Irmalyn Falcón, from the company DeportivosPR.

Despite the defeat, the Puerto Rican coach, José ‘Chicky’ Laureano was positive about the team’s performance in the remainder of the tournament.

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