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Pujols makes history again

Pujols makes history again

The Dominican Albert Pujols continues to be a protagonist in the Major Leagues and with his good homers for three runs, he wrote his name in the Golden Book of the Majors.

His compatriot, Wilmer Flores, hit a couple of homers and was perfect with the bat.

Pujols hit a three-run homer, outpointed Mel Ott for 14th on the career scoring list and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 9-8, who extended their losing streak to 17 straight games. .

Pujols’ hit, eleventh so far this season, was delivered in the third inning, leading two runners ahead as he chased down starter Alex Young’s streamer.

The ball that came off Pujols’ bat flew over the left fence and carried ranger AJ Pollock and third baseman Justin Turner to the buzzer.

The 41-year-old Dominican has 11 home runs this season and is behind only Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755), Babe Ruth (714) and Alex Rodríguez (696) in the all-time list of most homers in Major League Baseball

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Pujols’ 673rd home run put the Dodgers ahead of the board at 4-0 and raised their total to 1,860 runs scored, outscoring Mel Ott of the New York Giants from 1926-47 by one to place 10th. 4th place solo on the list of most runs scored.

Next on the same list is Tris Speaker, who totaled 1,882. Ricky Henderson is the leader in that section with 2,295 runs scored.

Pujols is the only Latin American player on that list among the top 32 players. Number 33 is occupied by Cuban Rafael Palmeiro, who scored 1,663 runs.

Flores hit a pair of home runs and was perfect with the bat to help the San Francisco Giants beat the Philadelphia Phillies 11-2.

Flores (6) was in charge of bringing power to the field of play and with his explosive baton he punished the Phillies with two homers.

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The Dominican began punishment against Philadelphia’s ninth in the first inning when he found starter Zach Eflin’s streamer, with no runners ahead.

In the fifth inning, Flores returned to get the ball out of the field, again against Eflin’s pitches, alone.

Flores was perfect with the batter when hitting the four times he traveled to the batter’s box, finishing with two RBIs and three runs scored.

Flores’ first home run of the afternoon flew 392 feet over left and center outfields, while his second, 382 feet, cleared the left’s wall.

Venezuelan ranger Ronald Acuña Jr. hit four corners and led the attack of the Atlanta Braves, who shut out the St. Louis Cardinals 1-0 in the second game of a doubleheader.

Acuña Jr. (19) threw the ball into the fairway in the third inning on South Korean starter Kwang-Hyun Kim’s pitches, with no teammates ahead, when an out was recorded in the episode.

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Puerto Rican shortstop Carlos Correa connected from four corners and the Houston Astros defeated former pitcher Dallas Keuchel and the Chicago White Sox 8-2.

Correa (14) hit a full lap in the fourth inning, with no runners ahead against relief pitches from Matt Foster, no runners ahead.

The bad news is that Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres, who beat the Cincinnati Reds 3-2 tonight, was injured.

Tatis Jr. was out one day after re-injuring his left shoulder.

It was not known if Tatis Jr. will be back for the first game Monday night of a three-way home series against the Dodgers.

Tatis Jr. is the second leader in the MLB home run section, with 22 on his account, behind the Dominican Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and the Japanese Shohei Ohtani, who have 23 home runs each. EFE (HN)

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