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Pujols passed Babe Ruth on extra-base hits in MLB

Pujols passed Babe Ruth on extra-base hits in MLB

The Dominican Albert Pujols outplayed the legendary Babe Ruth in MLB history with a home run and extra-base double.

Albert Pujols may not beat Babe Ruth in homers and RBIs, but he already has more extra-base hits.

When we talk about extra-base hits, it’s doubles, triples, and home runs, which aren’t just straightforward. With a home run Albert Pujols scored his career extra base number 1,357, beating Babe Ruth who has 1,356.

This was the 670th homer of the career of Pujols, who is on the 30th grade to reach 700, incidentally, his eighth home run of the season in the MLB.

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Now the 3-time MLB MVP has 4 home runs, 2 doubles and 9 RBIs in a Dodgers uniform, hitting 220.

Pujols has been hitting well in his last few games, both as a starter and pinch hitter, feels better chemistry and says he is looking forward to competing in the World Series.

The Anaheim Angels are last in their division, while the Dodgers’ record has improved a lot since they are with the Dodgers, who have the best chances in the world series.

Tablazo by Albert Pujols

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