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Rally driver was miraculously saved

Rally driver was miraculously saved

Polish driver Tomasz Kasperczyk was very lucky. He avoided the tragedy of a miracle. Although his car collided with a guardrail, that prevented him from falling into the void during the first day of the Rally Islas Canarias.
The 24-year-old Ford driver crashed into a containment barrier after attempting to corner at high speed. After the skid, the guardrail was fortunately able to support the weight of the car and he managed to escape unscathed.
Fortunately, the metal fences prevented the vehicle from falling into the void, which would have caused a much greater tragedy. A few minutes later the Pole got out of the car with a sign saying “OK.”
The Russian Alexey Lukyanuk is a few steps away from achieving his second victory in this European competition, as he has won two of the three stages held so far.
Lukyanuk is the leader of the circuit after overcoming the first two stages, gaining 39.6 seconds ahead of his immediate pursuer, Kajetanowicz. The Ford Fiesta R5 driver will face the last section with clear chances of winning first place again. (Infobae)

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