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Raúl Jiménez: “The doctors said it was a miracle that he was alive”

Raúl Jiménez: “The doctors said it was a miracle that he was alive”

Wolverhampton’s Mexican forward Raúl Jiménez said in an interview with The Guardian that he never thought his career was over despite fracturing his skull in a severe head collision with Brazil’s David Luiz nine months ago.

The 30-year-old Mexican international made an impressive comeback when he played the entire game his team lost 1-0 to Leicester on Saturday’s first Premier League match.

Jiménez wore a protective helmet adapted to his tastes and with which, he said, he felt “really comfortable.”

“I always thought that after my recovery I would be back to do what I like to do,” said Jiménez. “I never thought of finishing my degree.”

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“There was a chance of that, but I was always sure that he was going to come back,” he added.

Jiménez, who had to undergo emergency surgery on his fractured skull, revealed that for the doctors it was “a miracle to be here.”

“The bone had been broken and there was some bleeding inside my brain,” he said. “So the operation had to be quick and it was an incredible good job from the doctors.”

The Mexican can still hit the ball with his head and claims that he is wearing the protective helmet only on medical advice.

“If it were up to me, I wouldn’t use it,” he says. “The doctors told me that it was a protection to prevent something that at this moment could be more dangerous for me than for any other player.”

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The Mexican does not remember anything about the incident but he has seen it several times and even from different perspectives so he can understand what happened.

The ‘Tri’ striker pointed out that the most difficult moment was when his hopes of playing again at the end of the season were frustrated.

“That was the hardest part because you think you are ready but you are not,” he said. “It was a shock at the time, but ten minutes later I said to myself ‘Okay, I need to continue with the recovery, continue doing what I’m doing to be ready for the next season.’ I was focused on recovery, ”he finished. AFP (HN)

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