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Rockets lodged a protest for wrong referees on sixth foul

Rockets lodged a protest for wrong referees on sixth foul

The Houston Rockets officially presented a protest to the league office for the performance of the referees in the game they played last Friday and lost in their field (118-128) to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Now the Houston team awaits news from the NBA, according to information provided by a source close to the Rockets.

Clippers rookie guard Jawun Evans should have been fouled with 3:10 to go in regulation time, which would have meant sixth and eliminated.

But the umpires were wrong when it came to assigning the one they indicated and that was incorrectly awarded to Evans’ teammate, guard Lou Williams, a former Rockets player.

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The NBA confirmed through a spokesperson that the problem was an error by officials, the local Houston Chronicle newspaper reported.

When the umpires made a mistake, the Rockets were just three points behind on the scoreboard, which the Clippers then raised again to ultimately secure the victory.

The Rockets, who had a 14-game winning streak before losing to the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday after a loss to the Clippers, had two losses in a row for the second time this season.

The Clippers were led by point guard Austin Rivers, who scored 36 points, his best as a professional, after scoring six 3-pointers, without the 51 points scored by Rockets star guard James Harden for the second consecutive night could be avoided. Houston’s team defeat.

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After the victory, the Clippers praised Evans ‘great defense in tagging Harden despite a great individual night for the Rockets’ star guard.

“Jawun Evans was probably my favorite player tonight … what he did down the stretch, intimidating, playing defense was special,” Austin Rivers noted. “So for Jawun being a rookie and marking the one on the way to being named Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the league has exceptional merit and it was unbelievable.”

Clippers coach Doc Rivers agreed with Evans’ great contribution, noting that the defensive pressure he put in allowed them more time to attack with all the shooters.

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According to the same journalistic source, the last time the NBA ruled in favor of a protest was in 2008, when the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat repeated the last 51 seconds of a game in which former Shaquille O’Neal committed the sixth personal foul and was counted as the fifth.

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