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Roger Rojas’ Sport Cartaginés stadium will be finished off in September

Roger Rojas’ Sport Cartaginés stadium will be finished off in September

In recent days it was announced that the Club Spot Cartaginés is about to lose the José Rafael Fello Meza stadium due to a debt that carries this in 2017 with STCR Costa Rica Trust and Escrow Company Limited Sociedad Anónima.

The Cartaginés, through its former president Luis Fernando Vargas Valerín, took out a Trust to deal with the debts that the club had with various institutions and people, initially the loan was of 1,850,149,000 dollars, extendable for 24 months, as long as When the installments were met, but with the passage of time and after not being able to pay on the specified dates, it amounted to $ 2,574,686.

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In 2019, Diario Extra revealed that the Carthaginian team had transferred the Fello Mezo stadium on December 26, 2017 to the STCR Costa Rica Trust and Escrow Company Limited Sociedad Anónima through a trust agreement.

The current Misty hierarch, Leonardo Vargas, assumed the club’s debt and in 2019 managed to meet the payment dates and got the trust extended in December 2019 for 24 more months. However, due to the health crisis generated by the pandemic, the blue and white institution was unable to face the debt.

In the contract it was established that after 10 business days of delay in the payment of the obligations by Cartaginés, the creditor can request the early expiration of the operation.

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If the compliance requirement is not honored, the property is auctioned based on 100% of the credit amount once 15 business days have passed.

The auction announcement indicates that “the bidder who makes the best offer in economic terms, which is equal to or above the base price, will be awarded the property.”

If the first auction to be held on September 8 is unsuccessful, 15 business days later a second public auction will be called, based on 75% of the amount, if it is again ineffective, a third auction will be held based on the 60% of the credit amount. If the auction is ultimately unsuccessful, the creditor will win the José Rafael Fello Meza stadium. (Daily Extra)

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