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Rubens Barrichello reveals that a benign tumor was removed from his neck

Rubens Barrichello reveals that a benign tumor was removed from his neck
Former Brazilian Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello revealed during an interview on a television program that he had a benign tumor removed from his neck that was detected in a medical examination after suffering a vascular problem.
“I went to do some tests and they found a tumor here (on the neck). They opened and took it from me. I had to do it quickly because at the end of the day it is benign, but it was necessary to withdraw it because it grows, “said Barrichello on the” Conversa com Bial “program.
The driver, who competed for nearly two decades in Formula One, showed the scar on his neck as a result of the surgical procedure he underwent to remove the lump.
Barrichello said that the tumor was detected in a routine check-up after having suffered a stroke at the end of January, which he overcame without any kind of sequelae.
“I was at home taking a bath and suddenly I felt a pain in my head. From 0 to 10 it was a pain in the head 8, 9, to break anyone. I lay down on the floor because I didn’t want to wake anyone up, but it was hurting a lot and I went back to the room and woke up Silvana (his wife), ”he recalled.
“The pain was very great and I started to feel bad, I saw that it was a hospital thing,” he said.
The spill was caused by “a vein that opened” due to a “malformation”, but within two hours it regenerated on its own, Barrichello said, who indicated that upon arrival at the hospital a catheter was placed through the groin and they certified that indeed the glass was already closed.
“When I left the hospital they told me that only 14% come out of this the way I did. Many people have sequelae, “he said.
Barrichello achieved eleven victories in Formula One and was runner-up twice, in 2002 and 2004, both with Ferrari, a team with which he was between 2000 and 2005. EFE
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