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Rungvisai removes undefeated and super flyweight world title from Chocolatito González

Rungvisai removes undefeated and super flyweight world title from Chocolatito González
Thai challenger Srisaket Sor Rungvisai took advantage of his greater size and punching power and defeated the now-undefeated World Council Super Flyweight Champion. Boxing (CMB), the Nicaraguan Román “Chocolatito” González, by way of the majority decision in 12 episodes.
The match took place at “Madison Square Garden” in New York, where the judges gave scores of 114-112, 114-112 for Rungvisai and 114-114.
Scores that were not well received by the fans who witnessed the fight, while the journalists did not have in their appreciations as the winner the new world champion.
González suffered an injury to his right eyelid in the third round of the fight when both boxers collided their heads and the bleeding lasted the rest of the fight.
From the first round, Rungvisai, 30, imposed the rhythm of the fight by sending González to the canvas in the first round, a fall that was going to cost him the defeat in the end and what weighed on the decision of the judges .
The Nicaraguan fighter tried to close each episode strong, but the Thai, due to his greater stature, left the danger zone with just a movement of his legs and canceled González’s attack, which was more willing than power.
The difference in size coupled with the lack of an accurate combat tactic on the part of Gonzalez, who seemed to be in poor physical shape since from the ninth inning he slowed down on the ring, they came together so that their chances of victory were fading .
The former Nicaraguan champion made the fight from the fourth to the sixth innings, but his attacking power did not harm the Thai due to his greater stature and corpulence.
From the seventh episode, González suffered from the greater effort made and the effect of Rungvisai’s fist power, which in the end left him empty for the last three rounds of the fight, which were the ones he needed to win in order to recover the fall. who suffered in the first.
The forces did not reach him and although he put forth great courage at the end it was not enough to convince the judges, who opted for the greater power of the new world champion.
At the conclusion of the fight Rungvisai left his mark at 46-1, with 38 knockouts, and Gonzalez saw him fall to 42-4-1, with 38 knockouts. EFE
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