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Russell Westbrook, comfortable with adversity in Lakers

Russell Westbrook, comfortable with adversity in Lakers

As much as the Los Angeles Lakers have preached patience, after a couple of games, a handful of injuries and now a 0-2 start to the regular season, which included tensions that boiled over on Friday with the loss to the Phoenix Suns, Putting any team’s determination to the test, Russell Westbrook, the former League MVP the Lakers acquired this offseason, said he’s fine with the awkward orbit the Lakers currently find themselves in.

“I’m fine with adversity, honestly,” Westbrook said Saturday after the crew met for a filming session. “I never panic during the course of a season. Especially at the beginning of the season. There really is no need to do so. The season is too long and nobody is winning anything at the moment.

“Yes, it’s good to get off to a good start and feel good about yourself, but especially with myself personally, I like to make sure that as the season progresses, I am constantly improving and will improve as the season goes on to make sure my team and my teammates are improving and that we all feel comfortable with each other «.

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Rajon Rondo called Saturday’s movie review the longest since this group came together – “Rightly so,” he said – adding that breaking down the game tape as a unit was vital to coach Frank Vogel’s success in guiding. Los Angeles to the championship two seasons ago as it lays the foundation for responsibility and participation.

“If Frank is the only one talking in the room, he says we’re doing something wrong,” Rondo said. «So many people are talking – the coaches, with the players, we come and go. Not necessarily arguing, chatting, but to understand each other because an open dialogue is better for us to develop a quick chemistry on the court.

Vogel called the meeting “very healthy” before Sunday’s home game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

“Lots of conversation,” said Vogel. “A couple of really useful discussions to try and bring some clarity to some of the coverage we are looking at. Today was a great day of growth for us.

There was a lot to analyze from the Suns loss, as LA shot just 39.5% as a team, as they missed 12 layups while being outscored 52-26 in the paint and their defense gave up a staggering 71 points in the second and third. quarters for Phoenix, who finished the game shooting 48.8% as a team.

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“The guys are figuring out how to run with me and play a little bit faster. I’m figuring out how to do other things and get away from the ball, ”explained Westbrook, who averaged 11.5 points on 35.7% shooting in the first two games. . “I’m fine with the struggle to figure it out and make sure we’re in a position to do the right things so that, at the end of the year, we can be playing our best basketball.”

The team ruled out any lingering impact from the disagreement between Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis shortly before halftime on Friday that required the two big men to be separated.

“It’s over and we move on to the next game,” Westbrook said.

However, another altercation during the Suns game, this one between Rondo and a fan on the court at the end of the third quarter, was described in more detail.

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Rondo, who declined to speak to reporters after the loss, addressed the incident for the first time but did not share exactly what the fan told him, just that it was enough to make the point guard want to “get the guy off the pitch.” play.”

“It doesn’t really matter what he said,” Rondo explained. «He did not threaten me. I did not threaten him. Exchange words. I took it out of the game.

When Rondo signaled the fan to gesture for the referee to intervene, it appeared that he formed his left hand into the shape of a pistol. After Rondo held his hand close to the fan’s face, pressing his thumb down in what could be interpreted as an imitation of a trigger, the fan pushed Rondo and Staples Center security quickly pulled him out of the arena.

When asked if that was his intention to present his hand as a weapon, Rondo said, “No.” (ESPNDEPORTES)

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