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Salah knocks down Atlético’s reaction

Salah knocks down Atlético’s reaction

Mohamed Salah knocked down the resistance of an Atlético with a penalty that raised an adverse 0-2 in the first half, was seen with ten for the expulsion of Antoine Griezmann for dangerous play and only bent the knee with the penalty transformed by the Egyptian, who agrees Liverpool as leader of group B.

In a fast-paced duel, the rojiblancos went from nowhere for 13 minutes in which the English team dismantled their defensive order with the first goal from Salah and a volley from Naby Keita to trace the match with two goals from Griezmann and force the goal. rival Alisson Becker to two saving stops before the break. The Frenchman went from being a rojiblanco hero to leaving his team an orphan after the break due to dangerous play.

Salah’s law, irreducible all season even though this is not his most excellent match, saved Liverpool with his eighth consecutive game marking this season and his twelfth goal of the season, finally breaking an Atlético that maintains second place with 4 points, the The same as Porto that beat Milan at home (1-0).

“Give joy to my heart, the Champions League is my obsession,” the rojiblancos fans sang on the outskirts of the Metropolitano amid the smoke from the flares. The duel, the first in Europe with a full capacity in the Wanda Metropolitano, did not offer them final satisfaction, but it did offer emotions. And the good ones.

The first surprise was the eleven: Luis Suárez was not a starter and the attack went to Joao Félix and Antoine Griezmann. Nor did Marcos Llorente arrive on time, nor did José María Giménez, replaced by Rodrigo de Paul and Geoffrey Kondogbia at the local 5-3-2.

For Liverpool, who appeared in the Metropolitan with less rest, since he played, and thrashed, Watford on Saturday (0-5), Jürgen Klopp came out with his favorite hat-trick in attack: Mo Salah, ‘Bob’ Firmino, in his 300th match with the ‘red’ club, and Sadio Mané.

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Before the gunpowder of the rival, who arrived with 33 goals in 11 official matches, an orderly Atlético appeared, waiting for Liverpool, with the full-backs attentive to Mane and Salah. The plan was shipwrecked in just 8 minutes: those that took Salah to pick up a cross from the opposite side, to threaten against Carrasco, Lemar and Koke, who watched him rather than intercept him, and test the shot between defenses. Milner, along with Kondogbia, made a gesture of hitting and with his screen the 0-1 rose to the scoreboard.

Atlético needed another plan, because that of containment no longer worked. But it was too early to leave the script for Simeone’s order. What was not written in it were the mistakes, and the rojiblanco team committed too many. Carrasco was no longer an obstacle for a Salah who entered the area like a knife in butter and a loose clearance from Felipe was used by Keita to score the second with a splendid volley that ignited the Metropolitano’s 3,000 ‘red’ fans.

Watching the game lost in less than a quarter of an hour, the rojiblanco team tried to play. He set his first combinations in rival field, began to believe that he could compete and from this came a pass from Griezmann to Carrasco that Alexander-Arnold went ahead to send for a corner kick.

Without his usual headers – Giménez due to injury, Savic due to suspension and Suárez on the bench – he opted to serve short, and surprised. Lemar ran the baseline, put a pass back and Koke’s shot emulated that of Salah, but this time with Griezmann playing the ball decisively to make it 1-2, which rose to the scoreboard after a review of the video refereeing that was carried out. made eternal.

From a duel that seemed inclined towards the English team, a new encounter arose. One from power to power. Firmino tried outside the area, and Griezmann wasted a heads up against Alisson facilitated by a long pass from Rodrigo de Paul after an Argentine steal from Keita.

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It did not take long for the Frenchman to redeem himself, thanks to a burst of genius from his heir on the rojiblanco number ‘7’: Joao Félix. The young Portuguese starred in a slalom, escaping from Keita’s jams to look for his partner, who anticipated Van Dijk with a long drive and shot, from the ground, to make it 2-2.

Atlético turned the game around in record time and, unlike on other occasions, wanted more. Once again Joao Félix took out his hat to control Trippier’s 50-meter delivery with his instep and stand before Alisson, who caught the ball not without difficulties. The Brazilian goalkeeper still had more work before the break: he responded again when Lemar tested him after a pass through Hermoso.

The two technicians corrected their weak flanks at halftime. Simeone replacing a shaky Kondogbia in the center of the rear by Giménez, and Klopp replacing the striker Keita, surpassed by Joao Félix, to put Fabinho on the green. Those of Diego Pablo Simeone did not lose dynamics in the dressing room, forcing a new miraculous intervention by Alisson behind a wall between Carrasco and De Paul that the Brazilian goalkeeper took out with his leg.

The local search for 3-2 was stopped short by an unfortunate action by Griezmann, who when he stretched his leg to try to reach a ball hit Firmino in the face. The German referee Daniel Siebert did not hesitate to take the red card that the rojiblanco ‘8’ nor did he protest, leaving crestfallen with the first ovation of his second stage at the Wanda Metropolitano.

With one more, Liverpool chained chances, but without demanding too much from Oblak. The game lost speed and that seemed to benefit Atlético, who were defending themselves with one less.

But the night of the Metropolitan still had surprises. A clash between Hermoso and Salah inside the area on a ball that both had lost ended in a penalty decreed by Siebert, who did not hesitate. Neither did the Egyptian, who did not forgive with a strong and low kick to the right of Oblak.

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The action, much protested by the local stands, had its reply minutes later in the opposite direction when Jota tripped over Giménez in the English area and the referee again pointed to the point of punishment, but this time the German judge went to see him at the video arbitration and he rectified his decision.

By then Simeone had already made a quadruple change, desperately introducing Lodi, Llorente, Correa and Luis Suárez. The Argentine had the tie in added time, but finished high from the front. The victory establishes Liverpool as the undefeated leader of the group and punishes an Atlético in excess that maintains second place tied with Portuguese Porto. .

– Data sheet:

2 – Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Felipe, Kondogbia (Giménez, min. 46), Hermoso (Llorente, min. 80), Carrasco; De Paul (Lodi, min. 80), Koke, Lemar (Luis Suárez, min. 80); Joao Félix (Correa, min. 80) and Griezmann.

3 – Liverpool: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold (Gómez, min. 84), Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson; Keita (Fabinho, min. 46), Henderson, Milner (Oxlade-Chamberlain, min. 63); Salah (Williams, min. 92), Firmino and Mané (Diogo Jota, min. 63).

Goals: 0-1, min. 8: Salah. 0-2, min. 13: Keita. 1-2, min. 20: Griezmann. 2-2, min. 34: Griezmann. 2-3, min. 77: Salah, penalty.

Referee: Daniel Siebert (GER). He cautioned local Luis Suárez (min. 94) and visitors Milner (min. 58) and Alexander-Arnold (min. 64) with a yellow card. He sent off local Griezmann with a direct red (min. 52), for dangerous play.

Incidents: match of the third day of Group B of the Champions League played at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid before 60,725 spectators. At the start of the match, the stadium roof was lit pink for International Breast Cancer Day. EFE (HN)

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