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Salary cut and special clause, Hamilton requests to renew with Mercedes

Salary cut and special clause, Hamilton requests to renew with Mercedes

The relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes had its friction before the start of the current season. Far from wanting to have conflicts again when looking at the numbers for the next contract, the British driver begins to think how to get the most out of it the next time he has to put pen on paper. The seven-time world champion is ready to lower the ground in exchange for a clause that would make him achieve a significant financial difference.
According to the Motorsport portal, Toto Wolff would have received a proposal from Hamilton to extend the link until 2023 in exchange for a salary reduction and an exceptional section: doubling the bonus he would receive if he won the Formula 1 world title. With a set deadline. By June 15 so that the novel does not stretch more than it should like last time, the German will have to meet with his relatives to present an answer to the British.
“According to sources, Lewis Hamilton is willing to accept a salary cut to stay with Mercedes until the end of next season, but the British wants to double his bonus for winning the world title,” said the portal specialized in motor sports. Within the agreement, there is a clause to extend the same conditions for an extra year and thus save a negotiation when the season ends in 2023.
With a salary of 34 million pounds sterling (about 47 million dollars), it is quite a decision for the team to change the numbers. In the last negotiations, the driver decided to give up his part in the request for a strong salary increase that reached 40 million pounds sterling (about 56 million dollars), a number that the German team could not match. An agreement was finally reached and it is the reason why Hamilton continues to race inside a Mercedes in every F1 event.
In search of the historic title to surpass Michael Schumacher once and for all, Lewis wants to make it count. This season he is four points behind Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. After a Baku Grand Prix to be forgotten, Hamilton’s mind is set on the Canadian GP but clearly out of the corner of his eye he is already beginning to plan 2022 in search of the extra motivation of winning double in prizes in case of lifting in longed for championship during the coming year. (GG) (Infobae)

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