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San Francisco Giants acquire Kris Bryant via trade

San Francisco Giants acquire Kris Bryant via trade

The player Kris Bryant, finally if he left the Chicago Cubs, with the San Francisco Giants being his destiny after a change on the last day of the deadline in the 2021 Major League (MLB) season.

As reported by Jeff Passan, the Giants agreed with the Cacharros a trade for the versatile player Kris Bryant, who after seven major league seasons takes another course in his career as a professional player.

It was almost a fact that Bryant would leave Chicago and within minutes of the deadline, he was traded to the Giants to strengthen a team that in the 2021 MLB season is leading the West Division of the National League.

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The Giants are made with the services of a high-profile, All-Star player who has been in contention for the MVP award in the MLB, so his arrival in the San Francisco Bay is one of the “bombs” in these midseason changes.

In addition, with this confirmation of Kris Bryant to the Giants, the Cubs left three important players for them in recent years, added to him, Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees and Javier Báez to the New York Mets. (Fielding)

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