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Schumacher family expect “a medical miracle”

Schumacher family expect “a medical miracle”

The clock is ticking slowly. Day to day. The silence around the state of health of Michael Schumacher remains pristine, as is the measure that was imposed when he suffered the hard accident while skiing on December 29, 2013, almost four years ago.

There were affirmations and denials. Accusations and silences. No one knows for sure what the present of the German car idol is. The German magazine Bunte portrayed a statement from a family friend who can provide slight assurances amid stealth: “Corinna and the children are waiting until today for a medical miracle to occur.”

The media of that country warns that there is a light of hope. “Thanks to the athletic physique of Michael Schumacher and the power of his previously trained body” he does well under the circumstances, “says the close family friend,” they reported from that medium.

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The report made by the publication, which in the past had a conflict with the family, warns: “It seems that it is sending small signals from its distant world that few understand. Probably only people who know him very well.

In 27 days there will be a new anniversary of the accident he suffered while skiing in the French Alps that left his life hanging by a thread. His wife, Corinna, and manager Sabine Kehm, are among the few people in the inner circle who have access to the mysterious state of health of the seven-time Formula 1 champion.

On December 29, a new anniversary of the last official medical report of Schumi will also be close, which in January will be 49 years old. That diagnosis that had emerged from the hospital in Grenoble, France: head trauma, with intracranial hematomas and diffuse cerebral edema. He had to undergo surgery twice and was in an induced coma for six months.

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In June 2014, he was transferred to his home in Gland, Switzerland, and Kehm limited himself to informing that there was still “a long way to go.” A path of which until today, the details are unknown. (Infobae)

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