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Schumacher ruled out retirement

Schumacher ruled out retirement

SINGAPORE, (EFE).- The German driver Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP) has ruled out this Thursday, in Singapore, where this weekend the fifteenth Formula One race of the season is held, that he will retire at the end of it, in addition to ensuring that he trusts fight for the title in 2011.

Schumacher is confident of improving results in 2011 In recent times, the possibility had been considered that the seven-time Formula One world champion would once again withdraw from competition after a season in which he was outclassed by his teammate, the also German Nico Rosberg.

“The goal is still to win the championship as soon as possible and although in 2010 it is impossible, I hope we can prepare the 2011 car to achieve that goal,” said Schumacher.

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He added that the development of next season’s single-seater is on track and that for Mercedes GP it may be “a slight advantage” that teams such as Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari are still committed to the 2010 car, while Mercedes already focuses on the 2011.

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