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Schumacher turns a month in a coma

Schumacher turns a month in a coma

The German Michael Schumacher will be in an artificial coma for a month tomorrow in a hospital in Grenoble, in eastern France, while medical experts reveal their pessimism about the possible recovery of the seven-time Formula One champion.
INTER“It is highly unlikely that the Schumacher we knew before the accident will return,” former Formula One chief medical officer Gary Harstein wrote on his blog about the health of the ex-driver, who hit his head on a rock last 29 December, when he was skiing – with a helmet – at the Méribel resort, in the French Alps.
The American doctor prepares the ground for a hypothetical awakening of The Kaiser, who has just turned 45, and warns that “the fact that Schumacher is still able to walk, to feed, to be considered a triumph of human resistance, will have to be considered. dress up and keep certain positive aspects of your personality.
And he supports his reflection with statistics, since fifty percent of patients with a trauma like Schumacher’s who spend a month in a vegetative state and wake up suffer “significant neurological deterioration.”
«If the vegetative state lasts six months, it drops to 20 percent, often with serious deterioration. After a year, the recovery of consciousness is very rare, “he says.
Schumacher’s state of health is “stable”, according to his surroundings on January 17, days after doctors treating him in Grenoble pointed out that the German suffers “diffuse and serious head injuries.”
Since his fall, the ex-pilot has undergone two neurosurgery operations and a hematoma located in the left hemisphere of the brain has been removed “without risk”, which in the case of a right-handed man, like Schumacher, is in charge of language, reading and writing.
But he still had numerous hemorrhages and his condition was “critical” and “fragile.” The doctors keep him in an induced coma, to reduce intracranial pressure and oxygenate the brain well, and there is nothing to suggest that they will try to wake him up immediately.
“With every day that passes, the chances of seeing the situation improve diminish,” says Jean-Marc Orgogozo, an expert in neurology at the Bordeaux hospital, in line with Philippe Decq, a neurosurgeon at the Beaujon hospital, on the outskirts of Barcelona. Paris, who believes that if after three weeks of a severe head injury the patient “does not open his eyes, it is a sign that things are very serious.”
While pessimism gains ground among experts, Schumacher continues to receive the support of his followers, who have sent him their encouragement in a thousand letters and who gathered in front of the hospital on his birthday, on January 3, and this Sunday in a march in his honor on the Belgian circuit of Spa-Francochamps.
The Formula One family also does not forget its most successful driver, with Jean Todt, president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), former Ferrari boss and friend of the driver, at the helm.
Todt has visited his convalescent ward in Grenoble, eastern France, where he is accompanied by his father Rolf, his wife, Corinna, their two children, Gina Maria, 16, and Mick, 14, and his brother, the also ex-driver Ralf Schumacher.
Schumacher, who broke almost all possible records in his sport, has also received the encouragement of those who were his teammates and rivals, such as Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Robert Kubica, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or Alain Prost and from the team with which he had the most triumphs, Ferrari, or the German Mercedes.
And also other names that, like his, are considered living legends of other sports disciplines: former tennis player Boris Becker, ex-footballer Fabio Cannavaro, rally driver Carlos Sainz, NBA player Dirk Nowitzki, cyclist Alberto Contador or gymnast Nadia Comaneci, among many others.
Meanwhile, Schumacher’s wife has found her inseparable “shamballa” bracelet, a Tibetan amulet that the German lost on the slopes when he suffered the accident and that the station managers recovered in the snow. EFE

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