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Schumacher’s brain was damaged since the 2009 accident

Schumacher’s brain was damaged since the 2009 accident

The German doctor who treated Michael Schumacher in the motorcycle accident suffered in 2009 in Cartagena (Spain), affirms that the right half of his brain was damaged at that time and that its consequences affect the entire brain irrigation.
GERMANY-FRANCE-F1-AUTO-PRIX-SKI-ACCIDENT«The left artery was broken. And there are only two arteries, which supply the cerebellum, “says Dr. Johannes Peil, director of the Bad Nauheim sports clinic, in a statement published today in the popular daily” Bild “.
Peil, who these days has visited Schumacher in the Grenoble hospital where he has been admitted since last Sunday, treated the seven-time Formula One champion in February 2009 after the accident suffered on a test track where he practiced motorcycling.
Until the serious fall last Sunday, while skiing in the French Alps, this had the most serious accident of his life.
The cerebellum directs motor skills, points out that rotary, especially in what refers to the reaction capacity.
The doctor believes, however, that the aftermath of that injury does not affect Schumacher’s chances of recovery after Sunday’s accident.
Schumacher has been in an induced coma since Sunday and several interventions have been performed to remove cerebral edema.
The Grenoble medical team has announced that it will not issue new reports on the former driver’s situation as long as there are no relevant developments.
French police yesterday questioned Schumacher’s son, Mick, 14, who was present when the former Formula One driver suffered the ski accident, French media reported.
The officers questioned two other people in the immediate vicinity of the former pilot at the Grenoble hospital.
Those sources also claimed that the family gave investigators the sports-type camera that Schumacher was wearing in his helmet when it crashed into rocks off the slopes of the Méribel station in the French Alps.
The French courts have opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident and establish whether liability may arise, for example due to a possible poor marking of the runway limits.
Schumacher’s spokesperson, Sabine Kehm, made an effort to emphasize these days that she was not skiing at high speed when the crash occurred and that she had deviated to help one of the members of the group she was skiing with who had fallen.
Schumacher, who turned 45 yesterday, is in an induced coma, in a critical but stable state.

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