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Schumacher’s medical record stolen

Schumacher’s medical record stolen

The French police are investigating the theft of Michael Schumacher’s medical file, which was taken from the hospital in Grenoble, eastern France, where the former Formula 1 driver was hospitalized for six months, and which has been offered for about 50,000 euros to various media .
F1The investigation was opened last week, following the presentation of two lawsuits from the Grenoble hospital and the Schumacher family for theft and violation of medical secrecy.
The stolen document, a synthesis report of 11 or 12 pages, was drawn up by the doctor at the Grenoble hospital to be transmitted to his Swiss counterpart, after the transfer of the 45-year-old German champion to the hospital in Lausanne (Switzerland).
“The perpetrator (s) of the theft contacted a number of French, Swiss and German journalists. This individual, who communicated by email, asked for 60,000 Swiss francs (49,300 euros) to deliver the document, ”Jean-Yves Coquillat, a public prosecutor in Grenoble, told AFP.
“To justify his claims,” ​​the seller “provided a part of that report, which suggests that he is in possession of the document,” added the magistrate. It is “probable” that this medical report was stolen from the Grenoble hospital, but that “has not been established,” he said.
On Monday, Michael Schumacher’s spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, warned that “the purchase of such documents / data and their publication are prohibited.”
“The data in the medical report is highly confidential and cannot be made available to the public,” the spokesperson stressed in a statement, announcing that a criminal complaint would be filed each time a media outlet publishes said documents.
“For a few days, some documents / data stolen, which the provider presents as the medical report of Michael Schumacher, are proposed to certain representatives of the media in exchange for remuneration,” said this statement.
“We cannot know if these documents are authentic. But the fact is that the documents were stolen. The theft was reported. The authorities in charge of the investigations were alerted, “he added.
Michael Schumacher was hospitalized for six months in Grenoble after his serious ski accident in December 2013 in Meribel (French Alps).
He was transferred on Monday of last week from Grenoble hospital to Lausanne (Switzerland) with the utmost discretion. His spokesperson indicated that he was no longer in a coma.
The family of the former Formula 1 driver resides in Gland, not far from Lausanne.

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