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“Scorpion” Ruiz will prepare in Miami

“Scorpion” Ruiz will prepare in Miami

The Honduran boxer Josec “Escorpión” Ruiz, traveled to Miami, where he will spend a month training, since in December he has an agreed fight, precisely in the United States.

Prior to the trip, Ruiz has been in contact with Nicaboxing promoters in Nicaragua, who are interested in having the boxer catracho.

“If they have been talking to me that they are interested in me fighting for them, I am willing, but I must know the conditions to sign with them, I am already tired that they give me straw, I want to continue my career outside of Honduras, there is nothing here and for I prefer to leave that, I have to support my family and they don’t eat straw ”.

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Two months ago, “Escorpión” Ruiz was close to signing with Buffalo Boxing, owned by former world champion Rosendo Álvarez, but in the end they did not make things clear and decided not to join them.

According to Ruiz himself, in the first half of December he will be fighting in the United States, at the moment he does not know against whom, but he assures that he is prepared to be victorious.

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