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Sebastián «Loco» Abreu has already played for the club of his dreams, his number 32!

Sebastián «Loco» Abreu has already played for the club of his dreams, his number 32!

Olimpia de Minas is the club from the hometown of Sebastián Abreu, the one in which he always dreamed of playing and in which he debuted with a goal at his premiere, to give him a 1 to 1 equality against Barrio Olímpico, in the Minorca tournament of the Interior Football Organization, in Uruguay.

The anecdotal of the story is that when fulfilling his longing as always, the player scored a goal and that goal was scored at minute 93, a situation that was celebrated in a rage by the athlete, his team and the large number of fans who were present. in the tiny stadium.

According to the data on sports statistics pages, the forward has played 787 professional matches in which he has scored 404 goals and has delivered 88 assists, for a performance of 0.51%. El Loco also became famous for his penalty in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, on that occasion the Celeste team entered the semifinal of the orbital event.

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Countries like Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Ecuador, Paraguay, El Salvador, Chile and his soul Uruguay, are those that have seen the goals of the controversial footballer, who seems to still refuse to retire from football. So much so that he has even been the coach of several teams: Santa Tecla, from El Salvador and Boston River, from Uruguay. (Bolavip)

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