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Sebastian Vettel protests in underwear over FIA dress code

Sebastian Vettel protests in underwear over FIA dress code

The German Sebastian Vettel joined the Englishman Lewis Hamilton on Friday in his challenge to the attempt of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to control the use of jewelry and underwear by the pilots and put his underpants on top of the jumpsuit in the Miami Grand Prix paddock.

The driver wore his underwear over his Aston Martin suit in protest after the FIA ​​sent Formula One teams a reminder of the need for drivers to abide by rules on wearing jewelry and underwear. .

The four-time world champion walked around the paddock of the Miami Grand Prix with that particular look and face, which this Friday made its debut on the Formula One World Championship calendar with the first free practice sessions.

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In recent weeks there has been discussion about the FIA’s reminder that the clothes they wear under the suits, as well as socks, gloves and balaclavas, must be approved by the organizer of the Formula One World Championship.

Sebastian Vettel spoke out against the new Formula 1 dress code. Twitter: @ESPNF1
In a previous press conference, Vettel considered it “a bit unnecessary” for the FIA ​​to enter into the type of underwear that drivers wear under their suits and the use of earrings or necklaces and other accessories during races.

“If we are old enough to make our decisions outside the car, we should be old enough to make decisions inside the car as well,” he said. In his opinion, it is something “personal” and he regretted a measure that, in his opinion, is more than anything directed at the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

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Precisely Hamilton showed up to the press conference this Friday wearing three watches, eight rings and numerous necklaces and earrings in a clear challenge to the FIA’s decision to be more rigid on the regulations.

The British said that it is “a step backwards” for the FIA ​​​​and regretted that they focus on this issue when there are “more important problems and causes”.

Hamilton said she has earrings in her ears and nose, which she hasn’t taken out in years, and has never had a problem.

The FIA ​​recalled in its communication with the teams that the use of jewelery during the races can make it difficult for doctors after an accident, by “slowing down, due to the risk of ‘hooking’, the driver’s safety equipment, such as a helmet. , balaclava and overalls.

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But the seven-time world champion remains firm in his position and this Friday he even went a step further, before his team ended up accepting the regulations: “If they don’t let me race, we have reserve drivers,” Hamilton went on to say. (ESPNSPORTS)

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