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Sex, ‘mobbing’ and videotapes in the locker room of the Lakers

The locker room of the Lakers, who continue to accumulate defeats as painful as the one conceded in Salt Lake City while preparing Kobe Bryant’s last game, has become a time bomb that has not even waited for the end of the course to explode into the air and that it has claimed its first victim in the figure of its rookie star, D’Angelo Russell.
A player who has not met the expectations generated in his first season and who has also been involved in numerous controversies with both his coach and some of his teammates. However, everything had remained in small discussions behind closed doors and the occasional public slap on the wrist to wake him up. Up to now.
As ESPN has revealed, the Lakers locker room would have decided to ‘mobbing’ Russell and isolate him from the rest of the squad for an alleged video in which he records his roommate, the wayward Nick Young, confessing an alleged infidelity to his fiancee, rapper Iggy Azzalea.
Russell reportedly lost the trust of his teammates, who have chosen to leave him completely alone after he secretly recorded a private conversation with Nick Young in a hotel room during a team trip.
In the video, which was released last week through a social media account that reveals news about famous Americans, the Lakers shooting guard, who does not realize that he is being recorded, is seen talking about his relationships with other women who were not the singer.
A recording that has rarefied the climate in the Lakers’ locker room and some internal sources point to that environment as the cause of the loss to the Jazz, the worst in the history of the Los Angeles franchise.
“Right now, the team is handling the situation by isolating Russell,” an anonymous team source said of the Lakers’ situation. It is a matter of trust, which right now has been lost.
In the video, Russell asks Young about a 19-year-old girl he met at a club. “And what about Amber Rose?”, asks the point guard to the escort who answers that no, that she knows that Azzalea is his girl. “Thank you, for saying all this in my video,” Russell concludes before cutting the image after an exclamation from Young.
It is the latest episode in the crisis of a franchise that not long ago saw Kobe Bryant donning rings and that is now preparing his farewell in one of the worst crises in its history… beyond his results on the court.

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