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Sexy driver escaped unscathed after exploding his race car

Sexy driver escaped unscathed after exploding his race car

In the last hours, a video with a tremendous accident in which a pilot saves her life miraculously went viral.
It happened in a qualifying race for a diving championship, in the state of New Hampshire, United States.
After reaching more than 500 kilometers per hour, Courtney Force’s car exploded violently. Despite the shocking images, in which it is seen how the explosion affected the chassis and burned the car almost entirely, the sexy American racer came out unharmed and walking.

The vehicle, a red Chevrolet Camaro, was totally destroyed seconds after the competition started. How violent the engine explosion was, fans were stunned to see that Courtney Force was not injured and even took the time to say hello to the crowd.
The next day, back in competition, the 28-year-old American driver took second place in the final test.
Famous in dive racing, Courtney Force is the wife of renowned Indycar driver Graham Rahal, who a few days ago achieved a double victory in Detroit. In addition, his father-in-law, Bobby, was the one who obtained the 500 miles in 1986. (Infobae)

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