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Sharapova, the highest paid athlete in the world

Maria Sharapova is the highest paid athlete in the world, being number 26 in the general classification with 29.7 million dollars. Serena Williams appears as number 47 with 24.6 million, the two of them being the only women in the list of the 100 highest paid athletes in the world.

According to Forbes magazine, Roger Federer is the fifth highest paid athlete in the world with a total income of 67 million dollars, being the best paid in terms of advertising in the world (58 million).

Other tennis players that appear on the list are Novak Djokovic (Number 13 with 48.2 million), Rafael Nadal (Number 22 with 32.5 million) and Andy Murray (Number 64 with 22.3 million). (Courtesy of

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