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Silas has James Harden present next season

Silas has James Harden present next season

Stephen Silas attended the media virtually, and how could it be otherwise, the largest number of inquiries to the new Rockets coach were about the continuity of James Harden.

Although the coach did not want to talk much about the star of his team and the rumors that he is not happy in Houston; has made it clear that he expects Harden to show up at the start of the Rockets’ training camp this weekend.

“I’m sure it will be there. I’ve given you the space to do your thing. But I’m sure it will be here when we start, ”Silas said. “When things like this happen, where there is a bit of indecision and a lot of rumors, I take a step back and give the guys some space.”

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While the Rockets remain optimistic about having a good season and convincing Harden to stay with the team, reports that Barba wants to leave Houston have followed one after another since Westbrook communicated his intention to be traded to management. . As part of this, the former Thunder already got his wish Wednesday night when he was sent to Washington in exchange for John Wall and a first-round draft pick. In Houston they hope that the arrival of Wall to the team will be to Harden’s taste, and a spice so that he does not ask to leave.

Silas is very excited to have Harden next season. As well as expressing his joy at adding a player of Wall’s caliber to his team. But he admitted that he had some mixed emotions when he found out about the exchange.

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“If it wasn’t for Russell Westbrook, I probably wouldn’t have this job,” Silas said. “So the fact that he answered for me in the selection process was one of the first things I thought about when the exchange took place.”

Cousins ​​word

Also Thursday, Cousins ​​spoke to reporters for the first time since signing with the Rockets. The 30-year-old said he is healthy, and can’t wait to start playing after missing all of last season recovering from a knee injury.

“It was a difficult task, mentally and physically, but at the same time, I was able to rest my body and it was a much needed rest,” said the new Houston player. “Coming back from that, I feel amazing, my body and mind are in a great place. I’m ready to get back on the court and play the game that I love. “

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For Cousins ​​it won’t be another season. The pivot will meet again with Wall, who was his college teammate in Kentucky. Cousins ​​said he has known the former Wizards since he was 14 years old, and that he was even one of his groomsmen.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” said the former Kings, Pelicans, Warriors and Lakers. “It’s something that he and I planned and dreamed of for a long time. So I’m pretty sure he’s just as grateful as I am. ” (GG) (MANIACS NBA)

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