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Spanish Fernández and French Frenois, possible rivals of Mexican Berchelt

Spanish Fernández and French Frenois, possible rivals of Mexican Berchelt
The third rival of the Mexican Miguel ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt, world champion of super featherweight of the World Council of Boxing (CMB).
In the Council’s classification, Romero is number 13, Frenois is 15 and Fernández is 16 in addition to being the silver champion of the organization, but the challenge for them is to accept the date of the fight, February 10 in Cancun.
“(As possible rivals) there is talk of a Spaniard, an Argentine and a Frenchman and they are waiting for the confirmation of whoever accepts the fight and we are ready to face whoever it is,” Berchelt said at a press conference in this capital.
“It is very difficult to find a rival these days because everyone started training at the beginning of the year,” added the Mexican, who hopes to get ahead of that optional defense to later face a mandatory one against his compatriot Miguel ‘Mickey’ Román, challenger number one, in May.
Berchelt and his promoters are looking for an emerging rival, after veteran former Mexican champion Cristian Mijares declined days ago to fight with the current monarch.
The Mexican was left without rivals after he categorically defeated his compatriot Francisco ‘Bandido’ Vargas in 2017, from whom he snatched the title, and former Japanese champion Takashi Miura, whom he retired.
Faced with such a scenario, Berchelt explores the possibility of facing in the second part of the year one of the three champions of the other organizations, the Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko, monarch of the World Organization of Boxing (OMB), the Puerto Rican Alberto Machado, from the World Association of Boxing (AMB) or the Japanese Kenichi Ogawa, from the International Federation of Boxing (FIB).
“In the division there are great champions, without a doubt it would be a good fight with Lomachenko and a Mexico-Puerto Rico combination would be extraordinary, we are here to face the best,” Berchelt concluded. EFE
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