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Special gift from Atlanta to Pope Francis

Special gift from Atlanta to Pope Francis

Pope Francis received a special gift from the Atlanta Hawks. What did you receive and why? The NBA franchise sent a team jersey to the Supreme Pontiff – with his name and the number 1 on the back.

The reason for such a gift is linked to the fact that the Pope had requested this, with the intention of dedicating a prayer in honor of Martin Luther King (MLK), since like all January 15 it would have been his birthday, which is why celebrates his day in the United States today.

MLK was a staunch defender of social justice and equality for African Americans in the country, who were persecuted and killed for their skin color. The Atlanta Hawks have the politician’s initials on their jersey and that’s why Francisco asked for it. From the franchise they explained the measure.

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“More than 50 years later, we need your message more than ever. That is why the Hawks honor our native son in our new uniform. But this is not just a uniform, it is a commitment, a commitment to work, to march “, they maintained.

In addition, last November, Francisco spoke with five players to praise their fight against social injustice, at the same time congratulating them for raising the Black Lives Matter flag, a slogan that follows, in a way, the fight of MLK .

In every NBA game, the substitutes for each of the franchises wore a shirt with a Martin Luther King quote. Even Facundo Campazzo used it prior to Denver’s victory over Golden State by 114-104.

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“Now is the time to make a reality that Justice is for all”, says the phrase. This is part of MLK’s famous speech, I Have a Dream, on August 28, 1963. (GG) (TyC Sports)

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