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Star pitcher Trevor Bauer denies new sexual assault charge

Star pitcher Trevor Bauer denies new sexual assault charge

Los Angeles Dodgers stellar pitcher Trevor Bauer spoke out on social media this Saturday for the first time since he was charged in June with sexual assault and denied a new case of violence reported by the Washington Post.

“This is a continuation of the woman and her lawyers to assert their threats to harm me by perpetuating a false narrative,” Bauer said on Twitter in response to a Post report that a woman from Ohio sought a protection order. temporary in June 2020, when Bauer was playing for the Cincinnati Reds.

The Post reported that it obtained photos showing facial injuries that the woman’s attorney said were caused by Bauer, such as hitting and suffocating her during sexual intercourse without consent.

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The story, which cites a police report, also highlights that the woman tried to show police officers photos of her injuries in an incident at Bauer’s apartment in 2017.

“This has been a game for her from the beginning, but my life is not a game and I will not sit idly by and not allow this behavior to continue,” Bauer noted on Twitter.

Bauer accused the newspaper of trying to create a “false narrative” by contacting her friends and acquaintances.

“Despite the fact that my representatives provided a great deal of conflicting evidence, documents, statements, and background information showing the disruptive behavior pattern of this woman and her attorneys, The Washington Post chose to ignore much of that information and publish a lewd story spreading defamatory statements, false information and baseless accusations, “added Bauer.

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The star pitcher claims the woman physically harassed and assaulted him and then tried to “extort millions of dollars from me last year in exchange for her not making false claims.”

Major League Baseball placed Bauer on administrative but paid leave on July 2 after California police confirmed they were investigating sexual assault allegations of a California woman, who obtained a restraining order.

No charges have been filed in that case, but Bauer’s license has been extended five times, most recently on Friday.

Bauer is now scheduled to be sidelined until next Friday.

A civil hearing to decide whether the California woman’s restraining order should remain in effect is scheduled to begin Monday. (AFP)

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