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Stephen Curry compares himself to Patrick Mahomes

Stephen Curry compares himself to Patrick Mahomes

In moments where, after Super Bowl LV, NFL titles are compared to those of the NBA, there is also room to draw parallels in terms of technical and game level. So did, for example, guard Stephen Curry who dared to compare his ability with that of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

It was in conversation with the Huddle & Flow podcast, where the Golden State Warriors figure recognized the talent of the Kansas City Chiefs star, and along with noting that he is his favorite American football player, he added that the skills shown by the quarterback in the grilling reminds him of his career in the best basketball in the world.

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«I see a lot of myself in him (Mahomes); obviously there are many comparisons. That creativity, you can’t blink or you will miss out on something special. I love his confidence, that he knows that at any moment he can do something special, “said Curry.

In moments where both players have been praised for specific plays, in the case of Pat for fighting against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, and Chef, for his magical score against the San Antonio Spurs, the basketball player highlighted a special peculiarity of his fellow athlete .

Mahomes always has options; He has a way of making a play, using his feet or his arm, passing with the sidearm or whatever. He is surrounded by some weapons and knows how to use them. That guy is special. He’s a generational talent, obviously. So I love to see it, “said Curry.

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It should be remembered that while the quarterback has a Super Bowl, and two MVP awards (one from the regular season and the other from the NFL final); Steph has earned three NBA titles and two Most Valuable Player awards. (GG) (Bolavip)

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