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Steve Kerr defines season as “something to build on”

Steve Kerr defines season as “something to build on”

Two consecutive losses, first against the Los Angeles Lakers and later against the Memphis Grizzlies, have dashed the hopes of the Warriors in the face of becoming a playoff team.

The great performances of Stephen Curry have not been enough. Against the Angelenos they were 37 points and last night 39, but Golden State needs more; especially in a course in which the injuries have weighed down until the last moment.

Taking stock, Steve Kerr understands that it is a painful moment, but he also understands that the work done should help them build the future from there.

“Obviously it’s a crushing way out. Two games in a row that were basically blows to the stomach. We felt like we had control of the game the other night and we lost, and even though we weren’t in control of it, we could have won. We had a chance on the last shot in regulation time, but the ball didn’t go the way we wanted it to.

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We’ve had a lot of good breaks over the years and a lot of bad breaks in the last two years, especially due to injuries. Overall, you have to look at this season as a success and something to build on, ”says the Warriors head coach.

Those from Oakland have been weighed down in the play-in tournament by a total of 41 losses in two games. They have not been able to control the ball and it is something that Stephen Curry himself has pointed out as a fact to take into account. On this, Kerr prefers to focus on pride in what his boys have achieved.

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“This is very unknown territory, I mean play-in, and it has spelled the end of our season. It is a very difficult way to finish, since there are two games in which we have reached the limit and we have given everything we had in reserve. I’m proud of every person in the Oakland uniform tonight, and all season long.

From the 15 victories last year, with injuries and all that, to what we did this year, it is quite impressive. It’s a very tough way to finish and we’d love to play on Sunday, but you can’t lose sight of the big picture in terms of where people were at the start of the season, ”he concludes. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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