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Steve Kerr: “LeBron if you finish seventh, you weren’t good enough”

Steve Kerr: “LeBron if you finish seventh, you weren’t good enough”

Golden State Warriors is assured of their participation in the NBA play-in, after a series of games of a very high level and that earned them the arrival to the postseason. If something stood out in recent months is that the competition was much tougher than in the past, something that Steve Kerr keeps in mind.

There is no question that the Warriors are one of the franchises that any fan in the league wants to see in the playoffs, with none other than Stephen Curry. However, the postseason was seen more than once during the year, the only hope of destiny being the aforementioned play-in.

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Regarding the type of competition, the NBA was divided into two opinions: those who hate him, as LeBron James said, while others love him, as is the case with Steve Kerr. In fact, the coach of the San Francisco franchise was consulted about the previous tie and only had words of praise.

Steve Kerr is delighted with the play-in

“I love it,” said Kerr when asked in Bleacher Report. Steve understands that the NBA took another step towards competitiveness and entertainment in recent times because of the implementation of the play-in. “The last month has been infinitely more interesting for NBA fans. It’s great”.

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On the other hand, Kerr certainly sent a message to LeBron and those like him: “If you finish seventh and lose two in a row, then you probably weren’t good enough to advance in the playoffs anyway. That is the truth ”, he sentenced. (GG) (Bolavip)

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