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Steve Nash offers clues about what it will be like on the benches

Steve Nash offers clues about what it will be like on the benches

The 2020/2021 season will present a great series of novelties that make it very interesting for the average NBA fan. In addition to all the trades, free agents and draft picks, we will also see the League debut of a new generation of coaches. One of them will be the former Phoenix Suns player, Steve Nash. The former Canadian point guard will add his first professional experience on the bench for the Brooklyn Nets. Despite having worked with Steve Kerr, among others, his style is still unknown.

However, the two-time MVP has left some details of how he will be as a coach at a press conference. First of all, it has influenced his way of acting in the band: “I think I am going to be a Grant Hill meme for the rest of my life, now that I face this position. I have thought about it and I want to say that I will be under control and I will be softer. I’ve always been a bit passionate and emotional as a player and that kind of competitiveness and passion is really hard to master, so we’ll see. ” An interesting aspect, since everything indicates that this favors him in important moments of the game to bring out his more analytical side and not get too upset.

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But this does not mean that he is not a competitive and active coach, or at least he has affirmed it. “I will be reasonable there, but who knows how I will react in the moment, I will be a little loud and I will have to be able to adapt. Finding a good middle ground where I can be passionate, emotional and competitive, but still in control, “added Steve Nash to finish defining his attitude on the bench. Unfortunately, he only touched on these facets when asked and left no further clues about how his team will play next season.

With Kevin Durant recovered, Kyrie Irving waiting for his opportunity and various role players with the intention of vindicating themselves, the Nets are going to be a very interesting team to watch this course. The problem may be for their coach, who, with such a squad, will have to face the pressure and accept that they are one of the favorites to win the ring. In addition, you will also have to manage different issues at the rotation level such as the position that Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen or DeAndre Jordan occupy. A piece of paper that awaits Nash this year, and even more so since he is in his first year as a coach. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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