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Successful inauguration of the “Arlo Santos” neighborhood and neighborhood basketball tournament

Successful inauguration of the “Arlo Santos” neighborhood and neighborhood basketball tournament

With the participation of ten of the eleven registered teams, the first day of the “Arlo santos” Neighborhood and Neighborhood Basketball Tournament was inaugurated on Saturday afternoon, where it was possible to appreciate a good level and great players and athletes who keep the action of the basketball.

The entire event that lasted more than five hours in the mythical La Leona field, had all the biosecurity measures and had a normal and adequate development for what had been planned, to lift the sport and encourage young people to practice it in this Historic sports facility in the Honduran capital.

In the early hours, the winners defeated the Battleships 53-40, with the winners being the top scorer Anthony Pérez with 20 points. In the second game, the Barrio Abajo quintet beat Atlético Cabañas 39-25, the top scorer was José Valladares of the winning team with 16 points.

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In the third hour Pedregal beat Pistones 37-30, being the top scorer M. Díaz of the winning team with 23 points.

In the penultimate match of the day, Obelisco beat Leones 2, 38-15, with Luis González being the best scorer of the game, scoring 16 points and finally Leones 1 in a great game beat Prados 37-34 with 13 points from Cristian Girón , including two triples.

At the end of the first day the positions in their order: Obelisco, Barrio Abajo, Barrio Suyapa Vencedores, Pedregal and Leones 1 with two points, behind those defeated in their order, Team Prados, Pistones, Acorazados, Atlético Cabañas and Leones 2. Still without debuting Villanueva.

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In relation to the top scorers of the first day, they are as follows: M. Díaz de Pedregal (23), Anthony Pérez de Vancedores (20), José Valladares de Barrio Abajo and Luis Gutiérrez de Obelisco (16) and Robinson Lezama de Pistons (14).

In the famous three-point baskets, the following stand out for the moment: Cristian Girón de Leones 1 and Edmed Flores from Team Prados with two each. (GG).

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