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Successful start of Enduro 2021 in Jesús de Otoro

Successful start of Enduro 2021 in Jesús de Otoro

With great emotions the national enduro championship began, this time the scene was the municipality of Jesús de Otoro located in the department of Intibucá.

The adrenaline took over everyone to feel the excitement with the ignition and roar of the engines that were preparing for the great start of the championship. The 147 participating brokers were divided into Super Experts, Experts, Pre Experts, Master, Rookies and Stocks categories.

The most recognized are the riders of Team Mendoza made up of Nehemias and Romario, Team Benites and the current national champion and winner of this competition Jordan Garcia, who with much courage and experience surpassed the other riders.(GG)

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