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Sulaiman expects the Canelo-Golovkin fight to be rescued by September

Sulaiman expects the Canelo-Golovkin fight to be rescued by September
The President of the World Council of Boxing (WBC), the Mexican Mauricio Sulaimán, hopes that the fight between the Mexican Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and the Kazakh Gennady Golovkin, to be held on May 5 in Las Vegas and which was canceled due to a positive doping of the former, will be rescued for September.
In recent years, the dates of May 5 and September 15 have been the most attractive in Las Vegas for performance functions. boxing And if Álvarez does not receive a punishment greater than six months, the fight has a chance of taking place this year.
“Nothing that is said is relevant, the fight fell, we will see if it is rescued for September and if not we will continue forward,” Sulaiman said at a press conference.
Sulaiman said that with such a decision all those involved lose, but he rescued the fact that “the integrity and health of the boxer are cared for through anti-doping tests out of competition and that is what must be highlighted.”
This Tuesday, Álvarez, former super welterweight and middleweight world champion, announced that he would not fight Golovkin and argued as a reason to withdraw from the fight that he will possibly be suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission, which is investigating the two positives he gave for consumption of the prohibited substance clenbuterol.
The leader was respectful of the decision made by the Commission and said that it cannot “judge either its procedures or its timing.”
«Other fights have fallen and each case has to be treated differently. I believe that in this case there were enough elements to save the fight but it was not like that and hopefully it will take place in September, “he remarked.
Álvarez, 26, tested positive for doping after two surprise tests on February 17 and 20, while training in his native Guadalajara.
They were positive for the consumption of clenbuterol with levels of 0.8 and 0.06 p / ml, although the explanation of Álvarez’s team was that they were due to the consumption of meat that was contaminated.
Regarding the decision that the Nevada Athletic Commission will make on April 18, Sulaimán did not want to speculate about a possible sanction period. “We will see what happens, we hope it is the best possible and that the fight is in September,” he insisted.
On the other hand, the manager informed that on May 5 the defense of the world middleweight championship of Golovkin is maintained and they are waiting for the name of his rival to be revealed.
“Golovkin is totally oblivious to everything that happened and has continued training. He accepted the rematch and the conditions for the fight and he has no fault and his physical preparation has to be used, “said Sulaiman. EFE
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