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Table Tennis will receive sports equipment of international sponsorship

Table Tennis will receive sports equipment of international sponsorship

Responsibility, effort and the need to be better is a key point to seek success, especially not to sit and wait for others to give you everything, self-management in these times is the ideal basis for success and the Tennis Federation of Presiding table, Leonel Godoy has given that example, he has signed a sponsorship of 24 thousand dollars with the international firm Stag for four years.
«In December we will have the arrival of sports equipment, 12 tables to play, balls, uniforms, timers, divisions, in short a sports equipment that is worth 24 thousand lempiras, this is very valuable to have a motivating 2021 in local competition and international ”, he pointed out.

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The leader also confirmed that they are waiting to have their sports facility again: «for next week they have promised us a pilot ride, but they also mentioned that the idea is to return the facility to us but already improved as gymnasium 2 and 3 of the Complex Sporty, since it could not be done due to the pandemic. I prefer to wait three more months with a renovated installation if in any case we were seven with virtual jobs outside of it, “he said.

With these positive news of sports equipment and an appropriate installation, the next 2021 is looming positive for table tennis, something that makes the head of sport in the country proud: «we see a different and positive 2021, with great goals to meet, how to do the Central American youth between 10 and 11 years old, was scheduled for Santa Rosa de Copán this year, but the other will be held, although we have not yet defined where, “he concluded. (GG)

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