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Tanner Houck equaled Roy Halladay’s record

Tanner Houck equaled Roy Halladay’s record

Red Sox Boston Red Sox player Tanner Houck tied an epic record for legend Roy Halladay in the majors.

Philadelphia and the Boston Red Sox have made many numerous pitching changes over the years in the MLB,

Red Sox pitcher Tanner Houck has impressed since his debut in 2020. On Thursday night, he had 4 2-thirds innings, those two-thirds were before a long rain delay ended his career early. first major league start since April. Tanner had 85 pitches and only got an earned run with 2 hits, a walk and 8 strikeouts.

So what does this have to do with the Phillies?

Tanner Houck became the first major league player after Halladay with at least 3 wins and a save in the first seven games of his career.

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It should be noted this epic record that the truth is a bit complicated for any type of pitcher in the major leagues, since there are few games to perform these numbers in the MLB. (Fielding)

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