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Tense atmosphere near Wembley before Italy-England

Tense atmosphere near Wembley before Italy-England

The atmosphere, festive until this Sunday afternoon around Wembley Stadium where the final of the Eurocup between Italy and England is played, began to become tense a few hours after the start, with the launch of objects, confirmed an AFP journalist.

Several tens of thousands of English fans gathered around the stadium since Sunday morning and some of them, already under the influence of alcohol, began to throw stones, beer cans, backpacks or signaling cones towards passers-by.

Massive influx prior to the final of the Euro.

Even three Italian fans suffered vandalism by the English, noted an AFP journalist, despite the high number of police officers deployed in the vicinity of the stadium.

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Most of the Italian fans who have a ticket to witness the final entered the stadium in time to take their seats.

The pedestrian access roads to the stadium were covered with debris and glass from broken bottles.

The English from the early hours live their sports festival.

On Twitter, the London police asked fans not to go to Wembley in case of no tickets, as the area is “extremely busy.”

Another AFP journalist also found that several trains full of fans left the Wembley area for central London, no doubt to witness the final in front of television screens. AFP (HN)

the limes surrounding Wembley are packed.

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