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The ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt in the line of three Mexicans who made history

The ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt in the line of three Mexicans who made history

Miguel ‘Alacrán »Berchelt, Super Featherweight Champion of the World Council of Boxing (CMB), follow in the footsteps of three legends of the boxing Mexican who also conquered that same title, his promoter Fernando Beltrán said today.

The champions Juan Manuel Márquez, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, the last two already retired, conquered and were solid champions of the WBC super featherweight title and that is the future that Beltrán predicts for his champion Berchelt.

«Without a doubt. His last two commitments have resolved it in a forceful way. He entered against the best in the division, “said Beltrán at a conference in Mexico City.

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The 25-year-old Berchelt defeated then-undefeated champion Francisco ‘Bandido’ Vargas on January 28, and on July 15 he beat Japanese leader Takashi Miura.

“I think we can place our hopes that he will carry the name of Mexico high, as the aforementioned did,” he added.

Berchelt is recovering from a cleft in his right hand and is due to return to the ring in late 2017 or early 2018.

«There are great rivals in the division, there is the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko, champion of the World Organization of Boxing (WBO), the American Gervonta Davis, champion of the International Federation of Boxing (FIB) and the Panamanian Jezreel Corrales, super champion of the World Association of Boxing (AMB) »,

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Berchelt added Mexicans Orlando Salido, Cristian Mijares and Johnny González.

“I’m ready to fight the best, we have no defined rival,” said Berchelt, who can choose his rival, but if he fights in the United States, the television company there, the HBO company, will be the one to choose him.

Berchelt has won 32 bouts, 28 on the fast track, and suffered one defeat. EFE

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