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The “announced” decline of Phil Jackson as a Knicks manager

The “announced” decline of Phil Jackson as a Knicks manager
Phil Jackson’s firing as New York Knicks president of operations had been expected since he began his first managerial experience after retiring from a successful coaching career, which is now more than questioned as well.
Critics of Jackson, who was elevated to “master” status as a coach for winning 11 league titles, always questioned his true worth, on the grounds that he got them with teams he did not rebuild but had legendary players. like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.
Jackson did not develop any player like Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich did and today Steve Kerr, on the contrary, does not even have a school with the disciples who were assistants under his stage as a winning coach.
Critics were expected to lose their point when Jackson, after leaving the Lakers, accepted the role of manager with the Knicks on March 18, 2014.
He arrived with the aura of a savior who would heal all the ills of a franchise that had not won a ring since 1973, but three years later, the supposed genius who was going to show all his class and talent leaves the franchise worse than he found it despite having had a multi-million dollar budget, of which he took a large part.
Jackson went from error to error from the first day he began his management by keeping forward Carmelo Anthony in the squad, to whom he gave five more seasons, 124 million dollars and a clause in which he also vetoed the option that he was traded without Your consent.
The above has been in the end what has also cost him to leave through the back door of the team, since when he wanted to get rid of Anthony he could not get it.
But the worst thing that nobody wanted to play more with the outdated, outdated triangle attack, which worked not because of its validity but because Jordan, Scottie Pippen, O’Neal and Bryant were far superior to the rest of the players in the league. NBA.
Jackson stuck with a system that allowed him to win 11 rings as a coach, the most in the history of the game. NBABut he was stuck in time with a predictable and stunt-dictated philosophy.
The Knicks went from being fifteenth in percentage of triples made in the 2014-15 season to twentieth in the next and twenty-first in the most recent, which once again had them a loser and without making the playoffs.
The mediocrity that currently reigns in the Knicks defines them by not fitting into the triangle attack, in addition to having corseted players who do not have creativity and do not participate in the advances and innovations that are currently in the field. NBA with the Golden State Warriors, current league champions, as a role model and Kerr as the model coach.
Nor was he lucky in the transfers he made, much less in the signings, leaving a squad without any star to highlight.
But what is worse, nobody understands having chosen then-player Derek Fisher as their first coach for reconstruction, who went from being an active professional to the bench, in an experience that also ended in a chaotic way.
Even less so that the last one was decided by another coach Jeff Hornacek, who had been fired by the Phoenix Suns, before his first failure as a professional in the first experience he had had as a professional.
The above not counting that he also had in office after firing another mediocre coach with a losing record such as Kurt Rambis, hence the chaos and internal rebellion within the squad with Latvian power forward Kristaps Porzingis was simply a matter of time.
As if all of the above had not been enough, Jackson made the multimillionaire signings last season of base Derrick Rose and center Joakim Noah, two players in full decline with the Chicago Bulls, where they were already leaving after having completed a cycle with the team.
Jackson to get Rose got rid of the Spanish point guard José Manuel Calderón, the Cuban-American center Robin López and the young Jerian Grant.
Noah received nothing less than a four-year, $ 72 million contract and has spent most of the season injured and unable to play.
The only good thing about Noah’s injury was that Spanish center Willy Hernangomez, as a rookie, became the best thing that happened to the New York team when he was chosen to the First Team of Rookies after having a great development as a professional.
But more dramatic and pathetic of Jackson’s management before leaving the team was facing Porzingis, the best player that the team has today, with a great future, and who together with Hernangomez can be the pillars of the resurgence of the Knicks without the already fired president of operations.
Jackson after his experience as an executive with the Knicks became one of those classified as “lousy” and can never be next to the legendary Red Auerbach and Riley, who also shone before him as coaches.
Auerbach won nine Celtics dynasty coach titles and seven as an executive, including the Executive of the Year award.
While Riley, who also coached the Knicks and led them to the Finals of the NBA, won five titles as a coach for the Lakers and three as an executive for the Miami Heat.
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