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The Bolivian Gutiérrez dominates in cars; Paraguayans are exhibited on motorcycles and UTV

The Bolivian Gutiérrez dominates in cars;  Paraguayans are exhibited on motorcycles and UTV

The rally Desafío Guaraní from Paraguay ended today with the achievement of the motorcycle title for Paraguayans Nikolai Kirichenko on motorcycles and Norman Lowen on UTV, in addition to the first place of Bolivian Rodrigo Gutiérrez in cars.

The test, which began on Friday, ended this Sunday in the central city of Paraguarí, southwest of Asunción, with the end of the last stage and the crowning of the champions.

Kirichenko managed to complete the three stages on the back of his KTM 450 motorcycle in 13 hours 54 minutes and 30 seconds, taking more than half an hour of difference with the second classified, Carlos Velázquez, who hung the silver for 16 minutes in relation to the third podium member, Sebastián Aguilera.

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Regarding the cars, Gutiérrez covered the more than 1,500 kilometers of the test in 12h16: 17 hours at the wheel of his Toyota Hilux truck, which was also the vehicle of the second classified, Blas Zapag, who participated in January in the world-famous Rally Dakar and arrived almost an hour from Gutiérrez.

In the UTV category, it was Normal Lowen who obtained the victory of this rally with his Polaris 1.000 and with a time of 14:41:04 hours, just 15 minutes behind Nelson Sanabria, also from Dakar, who with his Yamaha YXZ quad took second place.

The rally Desafío Guaraní consisted of three stages in a journey that passed through more than 20 cities and through the departments of Caaguazú, Guairá, Caazapá, Canindeyú and Paraguarí.

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Also, this competition includes a new date of the Championship of Rally Cross Country and it is the second date of the South American Championship of Rally Cross Country. EFE

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