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The brother of boxer Julio César Chavéz is murdered in Mexico

The brother of boxer Julio César Chavéz is murdered in Mexico

A brother of multiple Mexican world boxing champion Julio César Chávez was killed in the violent northern Mexican state of Sinaloa, local authorities and his family reported.
Rafael Chávez González, 53, died early Sunday during an alleged assault attempt on the inside of his home in Culiacán, capital of Sinaloa (northwest), the birthplace and center of operations of large Mexican drug traffickers such as the now jailed Joaquín «El Chapo »Guzmán.
Known as “El Borrego,” Chávez’s brother was killed by three shots to the head, as confirmed by the undersecretary of state security, Cristóbal Castañeda.
“El Borrego”, one of Julio César Chávez’s 10 brothers, had had a brief career as a boxer with only 11 fights, of which nine he won by knockout.
Omar Chávez, son of Julio César, confirmed the murder through his Instagram account. The also professional boxer said his uncle was murdered for resisting an assault.
“This is incredible, they just murdered my uncle Borrego and since he didn’t want to give them the money they killed him (…) I can’t believe it, I hope and justice is done,” said Omar Chávez.
Violence in Sinaloa has escalated to levels not seen in six years, with more than 760 murders until the beginning of June, mainly due to the internal war by the leadership of the cartel of the same name after the capture and extradition of “Chapo” Guzmán to the United States. United.
The increase in violence has also affected other Mexican states, making May the deadliest month for the Latin American country in 20 years, with a total of 2,186 intentional homicides, according to government figures. AFP

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